Veganism and Anorexia -Should You be a vegan if you have anoerxia?

This question is very controversial and I don’t think there is a definitive answer to it but that rather it affects different people in different ways. I think a very important question to ask yourself if you have anorexia and are vegan is this: Is your veganism a way for you to avoid foods? Or in other words, is your veganism feeding your anorexia? The … Continue reading Veganism and Anorexia -Should You be a vegan if you have anoerxia?

Letting go of anorexia- Goodbye skinny me

Since I first received help for my eating disorder I have held on to the belief that I could recover from it and still remain  skinny. I thought that showing I could eat was enough for my doctors and my family to leave me alone and think I was better. I believed and hoped that only the act of eating was  recovery, not the act of eating enough. … Continue reading Letting go of anorexia- Goodbye skinny me

“I’m not sick enough to recover”

I think that a lot of people who have anorexia have had this thought. This is understandable due to this illness being, unfortunately, very competitive. It’s hard to make an effort to eat and get better when you know there are worse places you could reach, places which other people have reached. The problem however, is that no matter how far worse you get, it … Continue reading “I’m not sick enough to recover”

Why Talking Helps – Expressing Your Feelings

There’s no doubt that having any kind of eating disorder, or any disorder for that matter, is hard. Excruciatingly hard. What you feel is not felt by anyone else. You are alone in your pain…. But only if you let it be so. Mental illnesses are so hard to understand simply because most people are not mind readers, people can only faintly grasp what is … Continue reading Why Talking Helps – Expressing Your Feelings

I’ll start eating when…

Anorexia will always tell you to wait just a little longer. You may think now that you’ll truly make an effort to recover whenever x happens. But think back. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Didn’t you tell yourself before that you’ll stop restricting when something else happened. It happened. You didn’t stop. You won’t stop when x happens either. Nothing will ever be enough for your … Continue reading I’ll start eating when…

What Made Me Anorexic

People get eating disorders for different reasons. I think that’s one of the most difficult concepts for people to understand or to acknowledge. People do a lot of generalisations and assumptions about the causes of anorexia.  I know this because prior to having it myself I was convinced that the only reason someone would have anorexia is because they wanted to lose weight and to be skinny as they … Continue reading What Made Me Anorexic