“I’m not sick enough to recover”

I think that a lot of people who have anorexia have had this thought.

This is understandable due to this illness being, unfortunately, very competitive. It’s hard to make an effort to eat and get better when you know there are worse places you could reach, places which other people have reached. The problem however, is that no matter how far worse you get, it will never be enough.

I have written something similar in my post ‘I’ll start eating when…’ because it is a similar concept. Your illness thrives by fooling you into thinking that that ‘one thing’ will be it, you can stop the torture after you have it.

BUT NO – It will not happen.

You may be at home right now, just starting to limit food intake, it’s likely you are thinking -‘I don’t have to start eating now, I’ve hardly lost any weight, I’m no where near as skinny as some girls/boys’

You may have just been diagnosed with anorexia, you may be thinking – ‘I don’t have to start eating now, it’s not like I’m in hospital like some other people.’

You may have just been admitted to hospital- ‘ I don’t need to eat now, some girls stay here months.’

You may be nearly dying- ‘Other anorexics have died too’

Comparing yourself to others both in thinness and in stages of treatment is NOT a good idea. All it will do is give your illness more excuses to take over you. It will drive you out of your way in order to achieve whatever it is that you saw that person had.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN HOSPITAL TO GET BETTER. You don’t even need a diagnosis for that matter. If you know you are sick, you can get better, because a life of misery and despair is not something you should want.

So what s/he’s skinnier? So what s/he’s in hospital? So what s/he’s dying? /She’s dying. You have the chance to live. You have the chance to turn it around now.

Why be known as the girl who’s been struggling with anorexia her whole life when you can be known as the one who struggles but is recovering. Why not inspire others to be like you in a good, positive way?

If you are looking for some sort of sign that it’s time to stop and start recovering/ eating. This is it. Go for it.





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